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Our Gold Nuggets

We have known and loved this super-food – its flour, its milk, and its oil – and we are thrilled to bring it to America. 

🌿Chufa is delicious . . . and super healthy.
🌿Chufa “nuggets” are tubers, like tiny potatoes. They are “milky” to drink, dry roasted like nuts, ground into flour, and have the best oil to extract. In every form, they are always bursting with sweetness and life. Chufa is used by millions of people in Africa, Europe, India, China and more.
🌿Chufa nuggets come watery or dry, but either way, they are always bursting with life.
🌿Popular as a snack for thousands of years, Chufa nuggets are a paleo food unlike any other. 
🌿In Africa and Europe, especially in Spain, it is the oldest health food. Joseph, the viceroy of ancient Egypt, saved people with Chufa, during the great famine.

This is our passion, and we take it seriously. 

Chufa is good for food allergies, is a low glycemic and is a prebiotic. . . and it is organic.

The Incredible Health Benefits of Chufa. It is “High” on Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamins C and E and More. 

And Chufa for health are as great as red onions; but Chufa are mildly sweet, milky, oily, and floury. Chufa is a great source of potential immunity enhancing nutrients. Its own Quercetin and Zinc is effective for treatment and prophylaxis of infections and viruses, like the corona viruses. It is a strong antioxidant . . . and has been safe for many generations.

Chufa is used widely to heal ailments, cancers, and inflammation, among all north Africa health authorities—and southern Africa. And growing again in many “green” places in Africa. Chufa is a major prebiotic “resistance starch” source. It is also an excellent source of protein and great for correcting bad cholesterol ratios.

That sweet taste in Chufa flour and milk is all-natural and healthy. And it does not need cane sugars, from sugarcane or fructose, or other similar sugars. Chufa is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, lactose-free, and organic. There is no “oily” smell or “oily taste” with Chufa.

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