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You may be wondering “what Chufa is” or “why Chufa.” These are valid questions. To answer them, let’s go back in time:

Chufa is the great and old food “plant,” from the beginning of time.

🌿In Ancient Egypt, Chufa sustained people for thousands of years, even during the seven-year famine. Chufa sweets and recipes have “been found in parchment records of around 1700 BC, the time of Joseph.” * Chufa was the popular oral and external medicine, and it still is . . . derived from the ages-old “nutsedge” plant (Cyperus esculentus).

🌿In Spain, when people talk about the popular national “milk,” they mean “horchata de Chufa,” which is a beverage made out of Chufa. As well, the Spanish have long used Chufa for its flour and oil.

🌿Chufa is popular to all Africans. Countries across North Africa call Chufa “aya,” or “kunun aya,” relying on it as a major food source, while those in Southern Africans call them “Zulu nuts.” England, India, Australia, China, Europe: Chufa has replaced soy fields in many places where people clamoring for more and more Chufa.

🌿We have Chufa farms in the USA, but most of them have been used to feed wild and grown turkeys, goats, fish, and deer.

We make all our products in the USA. We source our base non-GMO Chufa from USA, Spain, and Africa. And we work with farms in China, Taiwan, Spain, South Africa, India, Israel, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and others North Africa.

*A History of Food in 100 Recipes, William Sitwell, Collins, 2012.

Organizations, like NASA and published by Ancient Science of Life and others, reveal that chufa has powerful bacteria-fighting effects.

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