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Help us Rise up the Gold Nuggets

Unlike the old gold mines that needed tens of millions of dollars to dig, our gold nuggets are pure – and not two miles underground.

Our gold nuggets are less than a foot deep in the USA. Read our PDFs: Executive Summary, Pitch Decks, and Business Plan.

(A) Chufaland-Chufa Rapid Launch Blueprint
(B) Chufaland-Chufa Bistro Executive Summary
(C) More Chufaland-Chufa Bistro Executive Summary
(D) Chufaland-Chufa Bistro Pitch Deck
(E) Chufaland-Chufa Bistro Business Plan 1
(F) Chufaland-Chufa Bistro Business Plan 2
(G) Chufaland-Viable-Products
(H) Iyar-Chufaland-Divisions
(I) Iyar-Divisions-Funding
(J) Iyar-Funding-Map

Chufa builds stronger immune response against infections, including those from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, viruses, diseases, cancer and much more. And Chufa milk is the world oldest and best health milk.

Esther Perez, Our President and CPO.

See (under development). Ask yshapiro@iyarbiotech permission to view.

Short Summary

Chufaland is the first American producer of Chufa products. Chufa Bistro is our great lead Chufa Franchise Restaurant and Store. Chufa is the best for health, strength, happiness, love, & intelligence. Chufa is the “real superfood” of creation. Its gold nuggets: incredible milk, oil, and flour will be worth millions.

See (under development). Ask yshapiro@iyarbiotech permission to view.

The Business

Chufa nuggets, our tubers, are an incredible global opportunity, and significant in the USA. Its CAGR is rising, and its success in countries is growing. Chufa has more potential in America and can grow in most green states, unlike coconut farms which grow primarily in the far east. We have perfected its milk, oil, and flour products. And our solution will be a revolution.

Everyone can eat and drink Chufa, unlike other products with gluten, lactose, and other problems (dairy milk, almonds, peanuts, wheat, and many others). Our solution and the road to success start with our need for funding. Our pitch decks and business plan show how we increase production. And our solution will NOT be complex, complicated, demanding, or challenging.

The Market

The Chufa market is estimated at $800M by the end of 2030. Research by Transparency Market Research (TMR) forecasts that the current market, ex USA will expand at a CAGR of 7.6%. CAGR will be 18% by 2030 when the US takes the lead in the Chufa market. TAM, SAM, and SOM formulas of all plant milk in the USA (without Chufa) show a market size of $13.64B. If we add Chufa, the market will be $18B+.

Chufa milk beats the risk of plant and dairy problems: bloating, stomach cramps, leaky gut syndrome, acid reflux, skin problems, nausea, diarrhoea, gluten intolerance, infertility, hormone imbalance, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more. About 8000+ Chufa bottles are sold monthly in small towns abroad. Chufa milk in the USA will exceed 100M by 2030.


We make all our products in the USA and have been making Chufa milk (Horchata de Chufa) for 7+ years. We source our base non-GMO Chufa from USA, Spain, and African farms. We have succeeded and proved the quality of our products in our labs and kitchens. And our customers have never rejected us.

And we have the truth of Chufa established in many Chufa bistros or cafes in Europe and Africa. We also have documents that Chufa grows well in South-East USA. Developing the farms will be great, and abilities are also available. We also have rights to well-documented recipes and farm and bistro manuals. There are thousands of videos and articles about Chufa. *See the worldwide video and our video is also attached.


2023: We will create our official “shop/store,” increase our revenues, add employees and shareholders, expand production, import/export, and distribution, and perfect our evolving franchise effort. We will produce mainly Chufa Milk choices, various Chufa Milkshakes, Chufa Bread and Cookie Choices, Chuffa Butter, Chufa Flour, and Chufa Oil supplements.

2024: Increase and expand from 2023 and acquire our first farm. The USA nuggets will rise in the summer of 2024 and add base produce for 2024/25. We will also add Chufa milk ice cream, “sweets,” meals, and our first liquor product.

2025/2026: Increasing our revenues and expanding to cities across the USA and Canada. We will also add and increase the Chufafarms part.

* Read our business plan.

Chufa: Nuggets of Life

* Chufa is among the richest source of antioxidants, essential micronutrients, and compounds.
* Chufa is perfect for all–from babies to the elderly, healthy people, and the suffering ones.
* Chufa is ideal for people who struggle, with allergens, peanuts, lactose, gluten et al.
* Chufa is vast against diseases, bacteria, viruses and more.
* Chufa is eaten by all religions, nations, and habits around the world. Chufa is surging.
* Chufa will increase dramatically–more planting, cultivating, harvesting, and processing will grow. We will need to add more crew to our farms and production plants.
* And we are gaining partnerships with governments, non-profit and for-profit entities.
* Chufa has very few negative traits, like overeating.


Chufa market is soaring in Europe, Africa and the east, especially China.
Our company is more than 7 years, and debt free, and “own” the US market.
Our Web sites explain everything about Chufa and has many reports and more.
We would be profitable in 6 months and growing fast, ready for America.
In 3-5 Years Chufaland revenues would be $600M-$800M and employing many.

The Deal

The deal is straightforward, and we would love to move ASAP to penetrate the market in the USA. We want to go with initial startup funding from Series A to Series X (in the future). We offer possibilities for investors/shareholders to work for us, full-time/part-time, with various options. We will be 300-600 people by 2027. Depending on the amounts, commitments, and final agreements, we offer from 10% to 47% equity in our corporation. We want to stay managing our corporation for 4-7 years, but the current President and CEO can retire, or part retires, for the promising young souls and minds coming. We can explore loans in the future, and we have no debts or loans.

Team Overview

Chufaland’s team is Esther (Genevieve Perez) as President and CPO and Joseph Shapiro as COO/CEO. Esther knows the product development and ability to connect what people need for Chufa foods, essential and carrier oils, teas, and herbs combined with Chufa. Esther lived with Chufa’s milk for almost 55 years.

Joseph (Jeffrey Shapiro) has a wealth of business and project management skills for the company; and has a substantial computer-based side for Business Intelligence and data warehousing, running for the past 30 years. He also worked in financials over 30 years ago and, as a journalist, completed a business management and financials attachment to his original degree. He is also a Rabbi and studied the laws of Kosher, Sabbath, and more.

Our Chufaland staff is currently seven, loving, people.

Where to Buy

Our Products are currently available at select retailers in the Carolinas.
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