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We love Chufa. We had enjoyed it with family in France and Spain, and we could not resist . . . we needed to share it with other people. The flour, milk, and oil were just too delicious to keep to ourselves.

So, we brought Chufa to New York in 2013. We started to toss around some ideas for Chufa food products, considering what Americans would like most. Launching our brand in the Hebrew month of Iyar, which focuses on health and happiness, we named the brand called “Chufaland” > Gold Nuggets from Iyar Biotechnology, Inc.

It All Started For Us…

In 2016, we returned to Paris. There, we learned about Chufa products at Val’ència, the third-largest city in Spain. We visited their Chufa farms, learning all about Chufa flour, oil, and milk, perfecting our methods.

After that, we went to Cape Town and Zulu Land, South Africa, to learn about the Zulu “nut” farms, and in North Africa. We mastered Chufa farming, figuring out how to make it grow in glass bottles and pots. We can show you how to do that, too – teaching you to make your own farm, just like they do in Africa and Europe.

We then developed labs, pre-planning oil and flour production and deciding how we would  “bottle” the milk, after processing it as a carrier oil in South Carolina. We investigated farms in the USA, where they do not dry the Chufa for people, because they feed Chufa to deer, goats, fish, and turkeys. Chufa is one of the reasons turkeys are so delicious. 

From there, we designed our first labels, our website, our documents, our technology, and our online store. We also enlisted a team to test and certify our products Kosher in the USA, Israel, and the world. We tweaked our marketing ideas in Malaga, redesigned our labels, created new packaging, and drawing support from our family, friends, and the US government.

In October, we launched our first product range. Invest in us now with our project at

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