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The Best Things About Chufa Milk

Horchata de Chufa is a creamy drink made from the milk of pressed chufa. Perhaps the most popular and well-known way to use chufa, however, is in Spain. Indeed, people all over the world, including in Africa, India, and the Americas, have since ancient times been pressing chufa and drinking the milk.

   And itself in combination with spices, fruit juices or other ingredients, and this ends up being an especially healthy and delicious way to enjoy these little tubers, as well as perhaps the best way to use chufa as an aphrodisiac.

Cows Love Chufa Milk

   Chufa are, as mentioned above, often pressed to yield their delicious, creamy milk. While enhancing or increasing many of the already abundant health benefits, this milk is also considered as probably the best form to take chufa as an aphrodisiac, especially in combination with certain other foods and spices which can enhance these effects.

   The most popular of these is Chufa’s milk blended with dates and honey, which drink in is called kunun aya, and has been used for centuries there to improve fertility, increase libido and sexual energy and fight erectile dysfunction. Also popular is the combination of chufa, dates and coconut, and other spices such as ginger, jaggery and dandelion are often added.

Chufa Milk . . . For all Diets

   It’s also perfect milk substitute—like real cows milk—best for all coffee and tea. Our bottled milk coming soon at Iyar . . . and many recipes come too.

   As Chufa is a great source of magnesium, which is generally responsible for 300 biochemical interactions in the body and provides positive advantages like the attachment of calcium to bones and war it wages against osteoporosis and tooth decay.

   Magnesium is optimal for muscle development and providing full energy to the body, as well as kidney treatment and menstrual ailment prevention, while maintaining stability of PH in the body, thereby avoiding dermatitis and fungal infections. And 100 grams of flour contains 13 to 17 percent magnesium which also helps promote normal nerve and muscle reactions and contractions, regulates sugar, strengthens the bones, processes protein and keeps you healthy.

   One can make the flour by dehydrating the pulp from the milk and add the flour to biscuits, soaps and starches as well. Chufa is used for salads and deep frying as well.

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