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The Ancient History of Chufa Flour

Dating Back About 9000 Years in the Archaic Time

Chufa is famous flour throughout history, for around 4000 years. Known as a vital component to our ancestors, from North-East Africa, it had powerful jaws to dine on the “nuts.”

   In Spain, this tuber flour is linked to the production of horchata milk since the 18th century. The natives of Ghana used the flour for decades in the form of palliatives, to treat erectile dysfunction.  


   In ancient Egypt, its Chuma flour was medicinally used for enemas and ointments, popular to the native Americans as well. Archaeologists claim that it was used in the paleolithic era with evidence from the sandy hill excavation Mashantucket, Connecticut, where the tuber was found, dating back about 9000 years in the archaic time of North America and the paleo Indians and were also found in tombs from the predynastic times 6000 years back.

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