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Chufa Butter CBD

There is no plant, herb, food, oil or any other substance, or probably anywhere in the world of natural and holistic healing. That has the buzz (no pun intended) enjoyed right now by cannabidiol (CBD). In the United States alone, 2017 sales of CBD were over 250 million dollars, and those figures are expected to reach 1 billion in 2018. Some projections show total sales increasing more than twenty times in the next five years.

Our CBD Isolate with Chufa oil is manufactured by Iyar(R) in the USA. With great Chufa oil it is Lactose-Free, Gluten–Free, Non-GMO, USDA Certified, Organic, 100% Vegan and Kosher Pareve.

Our Great CBD Isolate with Chufa Oil

CBD Isolate with Chufa oil is a great CBD combination for support and health.

  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil is a great alternative to pain medication.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil promotes youthful skin combined with Chufa oil’s skin and hair care.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil do well to reduce both nausea and vomiting issues.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil combine to help Lupus suffers and help against chronic pain and inflammation.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil work against cancer. They are both well combined to combat symptoms, like pain and nausea.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil help to prevent seizures, which are dangerous, and help people with Epilepsy.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil lower anxiety.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil reduces inflammation and help against inflammation such as throat pain, swells by injury, arthritis, and osteoporosis.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil reduces depression, mental health issues, anxiety and more.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil reduces stroke issues, such as lungs, heart, and throat suffering.
  • CBD Isolate and Chufa oil helps to promote good sleep.
  • Our CBD Isolate is made from our US-grown hemp in Colorado.
  • Processed under cGMP and eGMP, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, and ISO:9001 Compliance.
  • Our CBD Isolate is from a powder crystalline.
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) free.

All About CBD

While there may be other factors contributing to these miraculous figures, including the hype surrounding the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana in various places, the real reason cannabidiol is so popular is quite simple.

It is one of the most powerful medicinal substances on the planet, with remarkable powers of health and healing. And while medical and scientific research is being conducted at breakneck speeds, the anecdotal evidence from people who are actually using CBD is already thick on the ground, and it is all good.

General Characteristics

Cannabis has one of the oldest histories of all of the medicinal plants, its recorded use going back over 5,000 years. It is mentioned in the very first Chinese pharmacopoeia, the Pen Ts’ao, and its use in Indian healing may go back even farther. It’s not until recently, however, that the scientific mechanisms of cannabis’s chief medicinal phytochemical, cannabidiol, are being understood. Cannabidiol is one of over 100 cannabinoids in the Cannabis sativa plant, which list also includes tetrahydrocannabinol. Unlike THC, however, CBD is not a psychoactive agent, and will not make you high. CBD does, however, contain almost all of the medicinal qualities and abilities of all the other cannabinoids combined, and the oil is now incredibly popular all around the world, being used for pain and inflammation, for all manner of diseases, medical conditions and infections, and as a particularly effective aphrodisiac.

Many different words and phrases are related to CBD oil, and this chapter will attempt to explain them and put them into perspective. These include Cannabidiol, Cannabinoid, Cannabis sativa, Hemp, Marijuana, CBD isolate, Full spectrum.

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