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Hop on the Chufa Farm

There is plenty that you can do with Chufa Nuggets, or tiger nuts. Chufa Nuggets are not “nuts,” they are from the tubers. They come watery or dry, but either way, they are always bursting with life.

In Ancient Egypt, Chufa sustained people for thousands of years, even during the seven-year famine. Derived from the ages-old “nutsedge” plant (Cyperus esculentus), Chufa was also popular in oral medicines.

Popular as a snack for thousands of years, Chufa Nuggets are a paleo food unlike any other. We have known and loved this super-food – its flour, its milk, and its oil – and we are thrilled to bring it to the American market. Toward that end, we have been developing our Chufa Nuggets brand for more than five years. This is our passion, and we take it seriously.

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